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Sallie Mae Parent Loan #8551

for Strayer University

$41,234.26 Current Balance

9.875% Interest Rate

Auto Debit: Not enrolled

Past due

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In grace until 05/22/2019 — No payment required

Medical Residency and Relocation Loan #6467

for University of California L

$22,050.50 Current Balance

11.875% Interest Rate

Auto Debit: Enrolled Scheduled for $50.00 on 3/20 from BANKOFAMERICA, N.A. - 4357

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In grace until 06/20/2019 — Interest repayment

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan #6467

for University of New Hampshire - Main

$4,234.26 Current Balance

10.000% Interest Rate

Auto Debit: Not enrolled

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03/11/2019 49414 Processing BANKOFAMERICA,N.A. - 4357 $25.36
02/01/2019 47646 Paid BANKOFAMERICA,N.A. - 4357 $2,435.00

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